The other night I went with friends to see A Chorus Line in London’s West End.

The ‘plot’ is told mainly in backstory, focusing on the individual stories of each of the finalists in a chorus line audition.

A key theme is the precariousness of the actor’s life – instability, when you give up, the frustrations of always being in ‘the chorus line’.

This made me think about some of the men I’ve known.

The strange thing is, so often men want someone from the chorus line. They want someone who will kick when they say kick. Who will learn the steps and walk them when told. That’s not to say these relationships aren’t loving, but so many of the men I’ve known wanted to direct me. And, in truth, the only time you should be directed is when you’re onstage.

I’m sure this is true for many people out there. But, you know, you shouldn’t settle for these people. They don’t deserve you, however much it might appear that they do.

Some of us just aren’t meant to be in the chorus.

Some of us are meant to shine bright under the spotlight, just as ourselves.

Because in the end, no one deserves to stay in line. Everyone can step up and be a principal if they choose to – whether performing duet or solo.


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