Yesterday I met up with one of my best friends, who tried to pull me out of my Mr. Andrew disappointment.

Happily it was decided among both parties that he was officially labelled “a shit” and life should move on.

This week will also be my last in my current Online Editor role (anyone out there looking for a writer/copywriter/editor?).

I once heard a quote from one of my favourite performers, who stated that the feeling of hitting rock bottom was “in many ways a positive thing” as from there you can really begin to build yourself back up.

That’s how I now look at my situation.

Having been somewhat screwed over personally and professionally it can be very tempting, when you’re not from London originally, to throw in the towel and run home. I know several friends who this has happened to, and really I’d say there’s no shame in it. I guess it’s part of the reason we’re called the “boomerang generation”, but when young people are being exploited and poorly paid while trying to deal with living far away from home and forge adult relationships, is it any wonder we need to fly back to the nest sometimes?

But I came to London with only a little freelance work, and I made it work before.

If I made it work before, surely I can make it work again right?

God, someone out there help me.

In comforting news, my baking drive has also gone into overdrive – I’ve now mastered brownies, cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies.


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