There’s something wonderful about starting something new.

At certain points in our lives, we have the chance to begin things again.

Sometimes by choice, and sometimes through circumstance.

Sometimes both.

Although I was considering leaving my job, I don’t know that I would have had the courage to do so had I not had my hand forced by recent budget cuts. This resulted in 3 positions being made redundent, one of which was mine – the Online Editor.

Although I work for one of the world’s biggest global meda companies, I’ll not be sorry to leave on Friday.

I learned lots there, but when the radio station was bought over by a corporate giant the fun and enjoyment was sucked vampirically from the team. And not to get too far into things but it was a station of classic rock. Now I love me some Aerosmith and Queen from time to time, when occasiona demands, but I hardly think of it as life.

So it’s a chance to put the past away, forge a new career, find someone special to share it with, and embrace the reasons I came to London in the first place.

I think there are times in every persons life where they experience this, probably more than once.

Do you know what I hate though?

I hae hearing people describe it as “back to square one”.

It’s a stupid phrase if you think about it.

It makes it sound like a regression. You’re never back to square one. If you’ve had the bad experiences we all endure as we go through life, you grow as a person and you become wiser and stronger for them.

This job hasn’t worked out how I would have ideally wanted it to, but I’ve learned a phenomenal amount in the 8 months I’ve been there.

When I moved to London last July I was really rather naive about the nature of men. I had no idea both how good or how wicked they could be. But I’ve learned. Almost a year on and I know I’m stronger for it.

I’m very frightened about leaving my current job, but it’s a real opportunity to put myself further into the industries I’ve always wanted to inhabit – fashion, theatre, film and entertainment.

That’s what you should concentrate on next time your new chapter begins.

Don’t think about the regression you’ve taken – think about the world of opportunity that now awaits you out there.


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