Every other day, pretty much, I’ll iChat with my lawyer friend in L.A.

One of those interesting situations where everything you say to one another seems to fall into place; your interests and enjoyments may not be exactly the same, but they compliment each other in such a seemingly perfect way that you start to think, just maybe, that you’ve possibly found “the one”.

It’s talking with The Lawyer (Mr. Ivan) that has made me realise that love is looking at someone else and seeing a beautiful series of imperfections.

I love the fact there’s a little fat around his middle. I love the fact he has a proper beard. I love that I show his picture to my friends and they don’t see the beauty there that I see.

I love te fact that he’s a grumpy bugger sometimes.

Yesterday, Mr. Ivan said to me that he frequently dates “West Hollywood boys”. Asking for a definition I was told:

“Young. Beautiful. With daddy issues. Love having older man taking them shopping”.

I assured him that I was interested in him purely for his character, not how much Louis Vuitton he could dress me in.

Although he called me a “gem” he admitted that the notion of being a sugar daddy does turn him on somewhat.

This put me in two minds.

One the one hand everyone likes to be spoiled now and then, and the notion of someone who wants to wrap  me up in his arms and protect me really strikes a chord. On the other the romantic in me baulks at marrying someone purely for money. It’s ridiculous to pretend that in this day and age the pecuniary isn’t an issue when it comes to partners, and I love the fact he’s successful, but I love him more.

The problem with him being “the one” though, is he lives in LA, although he has plans to buy a house in London.

We’ve agreed that our connection isn’t going to stop us dating other people in our respective cities, but part of me, the romantic, says to hold out for him, as he seems to be everything I’ve ever wanted in one perfectly imperfect man.

The other part says to just let him play the sugar daddy, have a bit of a wild time if he comes to London and then move on.

Can love conquer all?


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