Well, for those that have been following this saga, I finally met with my lawyer love.

For the context he lives and works in California, I’m based in London.

Against all odds we met when he was visiting London. And I don’t think I’ve ever found anyone quite so arresting and charismatic on a first meeting.

Of course as my friends point out to me, I can’t escape from one crucial fact; he met me behind the back of his current partner, who was 3 doors down at their hotel. But I didn’t care.

He’s that person you think of as you drift off to sleep; the one person you want there just to hold onto.

I’ve always thought that l’ve is looking at someone else and seeing a series of beautiful imperfections, because that’s what defines how we see someone. We fall in love with the flaws, not the benefits.

What happens now? I don’t know. In an ideal world I want him to move to London (he’s considering buying a house here) I want him to break things off with his current partner and I want to see if we can be anything together.

Sounds mad, doesn’t it?

But whatever happens, he’ll never just be a face on a dating app again – he’ll be that date that was magical.

And I don’t think I’ll ever walk down St Martins Lane in quite the same way again.


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