I recently started using an app to meet guys. I hope that just sounds cooly metropolitan, instead of just plain loserish.

The strange thing is how useful digital dating can be, even though it has just as many drawbacks as real dating. Most of the London 20-somethings have to work such long hours that using apps or online dating is our only real way of meeting someone.

It’s how I met The Lawyer.

But, unfortunately, The Lawyer lives in L.A. With occasional forays over the pond into London.

The only developing problam is my feels for him, which are fast becoming overpowering.

That beautiful feeling, when you’re just getting to know someone and you text voraciously back and fourth. Every line seems like they’re morphing into the person of your dreams. Only in this instance it went on. And on. And on.

Every line was like another box which was ticked. The images were, not beautiful to some eyes, but to mine they were like god had created my dream partner out of clay. And then stuck a beard and a decent amount of muscle on it, just for some extra appeal.

Can you know you love someone through a lot of text messages?

Is that really getting to know their true character, or is that sticking a permanent honeymoon phase of “getting to know” one another.

He says he plans to buy a house in London in the next few months, in Covent Garden.

In my head I see us, living together, in one of those chic apartments next to the plaza. That’s the crazy thing about love. I don’t think love is looking at someone and seeing the perfect partner.

Love is when you look at someone and see a series of perfect imperfections.

That is precisely what I see when I look at The Lawyer. I don’t think “I want to be your boyfriend”. By this point I think “I want to build a life with you”.

Maybe that’s crazy, having never met in the flesh. Maybe that’s just a dream. Maybe it’s nothing but my own fantasy – boosted by a series of small hopes.

But isn’t that exactly the same as what we all go through, however we happen to meet someone, however we choose to get to know them?

If I ended up sleeping next to The Lawyer for the rest of my life, I’d be proud to say that yes, I found love with an app.


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