I’ve had a few “one time” encounters recently.

This is a very new experience for me, as it’s the first time I’ve actually experienced mutual one nighters – just a good old romp and then a goodbye.

It’s a fantastically liberating experience, not to mention incredibly satisfying. The last one I can only describe the walk home and rest of the day as being in some sort of mellow shag-hangover.

But it does make one begin to question – what is it I really want?

These encounters have been fun, and I’m glad I did them. I think in your 20s you’re supposed to, right?

But it has also made me realise I want more. One of my best friends told me recently he was concerned he couldn’t ever settle down; his sex drive was just too high. But I know I want there to be one person I spend the rest of my life with.

There’s a great line (only one, mind you) from one of the Sex and the City films:

We’re adults, with no children. We have the luxury to design our own life. 

When I heard that something resonated. I knew that I’m romantic enough to want one person to have and to hold forever – but I don’t need a fancy ceremony or children to cement it.

While one-time encounters can be great fun and I think it’s healthy to run a little wild, I know in my heart I want something even more satisfying.

I want to find that one person who I know, somewhere, is reaching back for me.


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