1 year and 1 month ago, I began life in London. I arrived with just some freelance columns as a writer to sustain me, full of hopes and dreams.

1 year on, and I’ve been though working as an Online Editor for a national radio station, I’ve loved and lost, and in many ways I’m back where I started. Just a litter wiser. Hopefully.

So here are my goals for the next 1 year on:

Career: I want a safe, steady career in writing/editorial. Ideally for a menswear brand or, if I’m very lucky, an arts/fashion/lifestyle magazine. Work on landing more freelance columns also.

Love: I won’t spend any more time thinking about what could have been with the wonderful Mr. Will. I’m happy to be his friend but, having seen how selfish he can be, I know in my heart he’s not worth what I have to give. I may be 25, but I know I want to find that one special person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. Find the courage to see if things could ever work with Mr. Ivan, my LA Lawyer.

Friendship: if I’ve learned one thing it’s that cultivating friendship is just as important as cultivating love. And true friendship is just as rare. Throw off the people who hold you back or are associated with negative memories. No one should rent space in your head.

Learn: more about myself and things I love. Discover in deeper detail who I am and where I want to go.

Life: put myself on the road to what is going to make me happy and pursue it. Sometimes you have to let dreams go, but that doesn’t mean they can’t transform into something even better.


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