Tonight marked my first proper date in a while.

And I almost didn’t turn up.

With the job search and previous dating escapades (see previous columns) I’ve felt very lethargic and un-motivated recently. I even cancelled on a red carpet charity event I was supposed to go to, I just felt too low in my self esteem to try impressing anyone.

And, shallow as it may sound, I really wasn’t sure the guy was my type.

However as soon as I saw his 6 ft 6 frame, complete with broad shoulders and facial hair, I’ll admit something inside me was intrigued. Tasteful tattoos and ear piercing aside, two things usually guaranteed to turn me right off, he was an exceptionally sweet and caring guy. Not to mention we could indulge our fellow geeky interests over dinner at Westfield.

The terrible thing is, after meeting someone like Mr. Ivan, you automatically compare every subsequent man to the one who managed to tick all the boxes. And while Mr. Tall may not be entirely perfect, I have to say he came pretty close (as the 45 minutes of making out in his car after he drove me home will attest).

It was also, I will freely admit, the first time someone has ever said the words “you’re so gorgeous…how are you still single?” and then followed it up with “you’re not married, are you?’

For the record, I’m not. But I was mildly flattered he thought I was.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s just something about him. Maybe it’s his sweet nature. Maybe it’s his sweet eyes?

Maybe it’s the way he pulled me onto his chest and held me there from my place in the passenger seat?

But I suppose the biggest tell was this. I got out the car after saying goodbye (3 times) and he said “I can finally have a cigarette!”

And I still wanted to meet him again.

Sometimes it’s not about finding that perfect someone. Sometimes, it’s just about embracing what life has to offer.

Because as your mother told you; you must always try new things, darling.


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