I remember once, in one of the Sex and the City films, hearing the following line:

We’re adults, with no children. We have the luxury to design our own lives.

And something about that line resonated.

I’ve thought for a while that children wasn’t really something I honestly wanted. At 25, I’m afraid I really don’t see the appeal, or where the satisfaction comes in. Although granted I don’t have a great deal of experience in this field.

I know I want someone to share life with, and the idea of monogamy I find quite appealing. I think there’s something beautiful about spending your life with just one other person, and building something together year on year.

But why is it automatically assumed that children has to be a part of that?

For some reason, among more conservative parents, it is somehow viewed as laziness, or even pointlessness.

But do children really have to be part of every couple’s lives in the modern day?

Just because they are central to some couples’ happiness, doesn’t meant they are necessary for everyone. My main passions in life come from career – writing, editorial, design, fashion, art etc.

I would rather build a successful career, and share that success with one other special person, than pour unlimited time, energy and money into raising a child. I’d love to have the financial freedom to live in central London in a nice apartment and explore the cultural wonders which the city has to offer.

Perhaps that concept will seem alien to some people, but the freedom to explore life as one half of a loving couple intrigues me infinitely more than conventional procreation.

Does a family have to include children?

Or can you be part of a loving family of just two?


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