balance-of-love-and-careerAfter a recent application for a Fashion Editor role at one of my favourite London magazines, I received the following from the Style Director:

“Thanks for this. We’ll be in touch when we arrange interviews”

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited and hopeful for an interview. If there is such a thing as “the dream job” then this would be it.

But it got me thinking – can we really have it all in life?

Is it possible to have the successful career that you love and the partner of your dreams?

Is that standard or getting greedy?

Sometimes when I have a spare moment I picture what that would be like. I see a sleek apartment in central London, I see myself coming home to Ivan. I imagine us, not in some romantic Parisian fantasy, but just living and sharing life together.

We come home. We cook dinner. We spend the weekends exploring London together. We’re there for each other. We just grow into a boring old couple.


I could never imagine working alongside my partner, but I know I’d love him to be there for me. I’d love someone to be in the bed next to me for the rest of my life.

The irony is, in so many romantic comedies featuring couples, it always involves one side becoming pissed off with the other over their habits; they don’t want to go out, they dread becoming ‘dull’; one of them snores.

Oddly, those are the things I look forward to.

Well, maybe not the snoring.

But having gone through some pretty rocky and/or screwed up relationships at 25, becoming a standard old couple with a man like Mr. Ivan sounds pretty damn appealing.

Not to mention the same could be said for my career – I’ve clocked up some great experience on my CV but I’d love to find a position I can just settle into for the next few years that I can enjoy. Fashion editor for this magazine sounds like my ideal.

Can we really have both the career and the lover?

Or is all I want just too much to hope for?


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