I’ve always been one for lists and notes. I love writing down goals and objectives and then ticking them off, there’s something so satisfying in it.

And what could be more important than life goals?

I’m not really one for lists of new years resolutions – I mean, let’s face it, you’ve usually broken them all by day 3. But here are my resolutions for the near future:

1. Land a full time job. 

I left my job at Bauer Media in June, and have been working freelance since then. It’s been fun, but I really need something full time, it’s just who I am and what I want. I’ve done some really exciting interviews with fantastic companies, but am yet to finally nail something and “clinch the deal” as it were.

I also really nee to send out more pitches, try and land a column or two in my favourite magazines. I think i’m ready now.

2. Live the city life

A full time job means I can live in London, not just survive (my last full time role was appallingly paid, I took it for the skills and experience).

I want to go and see shows and events, go clothes shopping on a Saturday if I want, dine out in the City and go for coffee with friends.

3. Find love. 

My next phase is to find someone to share it all with. Someone I can explore London with. He doesn’t need to be particularly rich or handsome, he just needs to have that special spark about him. Someone special.

4. Cook more.

I’m a dab hand with baking, and do it every other weekend. But my cooking skills have really hit rock bottom. I mean on the one hand I can’t be splashing out at this point on expensive ingredients, but cooking is actually a great way to save money in the long term. Right now i’m so lazy with it, as all my time is spent writing, applying, preparing for interviews or doing “test tasks” for interested employers. I generally just have some salad or a sandwich or something. Dull as dishwater right?

I got very into Chinese cooking in my post-student days, which is a very healthy and economical way of preparing food.

If I can whip up a home-made Chinese feast and top it off with baking a delicious dessert…well, don’t they say the way to any mans heart is through his stomach? 😉

5. Move 

I like where I’m living now, and have some lovely housemates. But we’re in very different places in our lives.

They are all coupled, ready to move out of the city, and almost entering the “baby phase” (granted they are a few years older than me).

I’m still so excited by London, and love the city. I want to move further into the centre and live with other right-side-of-hipster singles. Go out on the town and embrace all it has to offer – where I live now is just a little too suburbia.

And that’s what I’m after. Not fame, not celebrity, not epic romance.

Just one happy little Londoner. That’s my dream.


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