The search for a new place to live can be every bit as challenging as finding the right man.

Housemates are one of the biggest blessings and curses of living in a place like London. It can be so wonderful having people there to come home and talk things over with, hang out and socialise with, but it can also sometimes be the factor which tests your sanity to the very limits.

I need to move out my current place, the course there has been run.

The main reason is London. The city itself.

The truth is I’m in love with it. I moved here over a year ago and I relish living in the city. Or, more accurately, the lack of it.

Two things have really started to bother me about my current place.

1.  It doesn’t feel like London. The area is very residential, full of middle class families. I miss living in a built up area. Full of tacky shops, supermarkets, pubs and young professionals who also love London.

2.  Which brings me to point 2. The people I live with are only a few years older than me, but there’s a lot of countryside nostalgia; a lot of talk of how much better living in the countryside is. Especially from the live-in couple. As someone who grew up in the outer reaches of the Scottish countryside, I really can’t stand talk of how much better the countryside is.

Not to mention it’s hard living across the road from screaming children in a place where it takes 15 minutes just to reach the nearest tube station.

Like most relationships, the time comes when you know that it’s over.

I’m not saying living here hasn’t been great; it has. But I need to live with a group of urbanite singles again. In an area where I feel connected to the City. No couples. No pastoral nostalgia. No past. No judgements.

Just a new start.


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