Tonight I was Skyping with The Engineer, Mr. Mike. We only talked briefly, as he began to get twitchy about work. He works with his father’s company and they’re currently preparing a big presentation in order to try and secure sponsorship.

I imagine a lot of people would find that an irritation. A bit of the old cliche “he’s putting the job first”.

Obviously I’d have liked to talk longer, but truth be told I kind of liked it.

Perhaps because I’m very serious about developing my own, I understand the career drive. Honestly, I don’t think I could be with a man who wasn’t serious about his career. But the way his own filled his head was appealing, rather than frustrating.

I love that he’s a hard worker.

I love his passion for work.

I love that his desk is on a treadmill (really).

It’s interesting how the smallest instances can really make you think what you want out of a relationship.

Perhaps it was growing up in quite a conservative environment, but I find the notion of “time apart” quite appealing in a long-term partner. I like the idea of working in different places, leading our own hectic lives, but at the end of each day having that one other special person there. That shoulder to cry on and that safe set of arms to retreat to.

I wouldn’t want to be looked over for work constantly, but a man who takes his career seriously is one I would be very happy to move forward with.


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