I’ve not written on here in a while. There’s been a lot of changes happening.

I’ve landed a new job as a Social Media Editor, it has a respectable salary. I’ve moved to a new flat which is in much more of a city centre location, and it seems to have much nicer flatmates to share with.

The other night I was going to the Christmas party of a very dear friend. That was when it struck me.

Right now, in this moment, I have almost everything I’ve fought so hard for over the past two years.

I’ve moved to London.

I’ve landed a well paying job in a field I enjoy working in, which is (I hope) going to set me up for a good career.

I have a circle of friends I love and who like and respect me for just who I am, not who I pretend to be.

Sometimes, as individuals, we get so caught up in the “London life” that we forget we’re so lucky to be living it. Even without a partner to share it with.

The aforementioned list may surprise some people; some may have always had those things or they came so naturally to you they just seem like an everyday part of life. But at some time or another I’ve been without any (or all) of the above. I left uni with a good degree and excellent prospects. I ended up waiting tables and living at home. I’ve loved and lost. I’ve been bullied, hurt, rejected and lost. Over the past few months I’ve known real pain and stared into the ugly face of despair more than once.

A look back through the columns on this page will give you an idea.

So just for now, I couldn’t be more thankful. Some of the things I’m enjoying right now are things I never even thought I could, would or deserved to enjoy. And while I’d like to find that special someone to share it all with, I’ve learned that there are all sorts of dreams.

The one I’m living right now may be of a more modest variety; but it’s still a dream come true.


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