What do you do when you start developing feelings for a best friend?

We we first met we both admitted we felt something. Sometimes we flirt. Sometimes we stop ourselves. We both know there’s something’s there, even if we keep it unspoken. It’s been there since the night we met.

But when we’re hanging out together, watching TV or whatever, we feel very comfortable in each other’s company. I think if we went for it, we could potentially have something very special.

Yet, of course, he’s seeing someone else. Someone very protective of him who has made it very clear they don’t approve of me. I can’t honestly say I blame them, yet I don’t always like what I hear of how they treat my friend.

But it does beg the question – is it better to have a best friend or a lover?

I’s been my experience that friendships, in general, last far far longer than romances. There is an excess of feeling in romances which all too often will burn itself out. The flame of friendship is much slower and steadier, and therefor we keep our friends for far longer than we keep our lovers.

If we went for it and lost it, I couldn’t stand the thought of not having his friendship. Yet sometimes when we’re together I swear the chemistry is almost palpable. Our other friends have already picked up on it. Resulting in several sly jokes and one rather stern “talking to”.

If we went for it, would we lose whatever it is that we have?

I’ve almost never had a friend that I’m this close to and can share everything with, which I know is very rare and something to be incredibly thankful for. Yet sometimes when we’re alone together I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we were to try going further.

Is that natural progress of emotion, or the devil in the room?

Is it Wildean temptation, or innocent feelings?

Is it wanting what you know you can’t have, or desiring what you could?

Either way, I’m thankful for him.


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