creative-lcyde-blogIn my previous column, I lamented that my long sought after quest to get to the top of the fashion industry may not be the correct path.

As such, here is a self-appointed character analysis, as I attempt to answer the question of what I really want out of my career.

Current role: Social Media Manager/Blog editor

Strengths: Writing. Social Media. Visuals. Design. Communication.

Weaknesses: Low boredom threshold. Doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Low patience. Doesn’t like authority.

Most important: I need to be able to create in my career. I love becoming totally engrossed in a project, so much so that it boarders on obsession.

I’m an eternal student an love to keep learning. I love improving my mid and working my way higher and higher.

My biggest satisfaction comes from putting projects together and seeing them become a success. I love seeing a finished product and knowing, in my heart, that I put my very best into it. When it’s creative, my heart and soul goes into it or I can’t release it.

I love ideas and brainstorming. Both on my own and in a team. I love collectively throwing ideas together and watching them evolve into something even better as minds work in sync.

Essentially I love the various stages of project work. From marketing campaigns to editorial spreads, social media and blog content.

I  love independence at work. I have very little time for authority when it is dictating or condescending to me. I’ve had enough of that t last me a lifetime. I need to work in a place where I have the freedom to explore and find the very best way of putting a campaign together. Where I don’t have to explain and chart every single movement on a spreadsheet.

I’ve always been independent, and when given that blank canvas to create with I shine and blossom, pouring out ideas for my superiors to choose from.

When made to feel intimidated and uncomfortable I shut down in every sense.

I love to instigate change. Pushing through changes may be difficult and involve lots of collaboration and compromise, but there’s something intensely satisfying about seeing your changes go through and knowing they are the right direction.

The variety of the role is also essential.

The interesting thing is that my current company is all about the web – pretty far from fashion and the arts. But what a lecture I attended at Selfridge’s recently taught me was that subject matter becomes somewhat irrelevant when it comes to true creativity.

Putting a phone manual together can make it become a work of art f you think outside the box. That is ha really excited me. Thinking outside the box and making the impossible possible.

I’d rather be doing that than being dictated to my some fascist editor in chief.

Career must haves:






Organised chaos

Forward thinking/Embracing the new






Interesting subject matter (optional)


So be honest,

…Am I asking too much? 😉


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