I’m serious about my career.

I want to rise and I want to progress. As far as possible. I see the big time City slickers of London and I envy them, although I’m so happy being in the position I am now. In this day and age a decently salaried job which puts your foot on the ladder is a serious blessing.

But I’ve been attempting to do freelance work outside of my job, which often requires a lot of xtra hours a week anyway, and I’ve started to feel really burned out recently.

Doing a full time job, freelance career, social life and taking time to enjoy London along with all the necessities of life doesn’t leave much time left over. Not if you want 8 hours sleep a night.

Not to mention even small time freelance gigs are now demanding more and more for  the paltry amount of money they pay. I have one editor who, for each £5 article I submit, told me I should be spending an hour of research time minimum.

I mean, I like writing for his website, but that is just ridiculous. It costs me more than that t get the tube home.

There really seems to be something in picking and choosing where we place our energy. Just the same way that we are told to dismiss friends and lovers who take ours without giving enough back, surely the same is true when the currency is, well, actual currency.

If a job or activity is not giving us the amount we deserve (and let’s be honest here, we all know when we’re being underpaid for our work, creative or otherwise) do we just walk away?

Do we stick it out, like a bad relationship, in the hope that it gets better?

Or do we just accept that something that minuscule has run its course and is no longer serving us?

The website in question is an online fashion hotspot, and I’m not even sure fashion is the right path for me anymore. Let alone when having to deal with a condescending editor who mocks and insults my writing as “not serious enough”. I used to love contributing as a small-time money spinner, but this guy has made it a chore.

We’re taught that giving up makes us weak but, just sometimes, perhaps giving something up is the strongest thing you can do?


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