Today an up and coming tailor I know posted a superman-on-speed type excited update on Faceook – one of the cast of Made in Chelsea had recommended one of his jackets in their newspaper column. The day before, I noticed that in a NY catwalk show, the reporting was first on one of the Jonas brothers sitting on the front row, then on the clothes.

This seems to be a recurring pattern.

I was drawn to the fashion industry for the artistry and originality of people like Grace Coddington and Diana Vreeland.

Frankly, now, it seems to be a bunch of self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed idiots without enough brains between them to fill an eggcup. More and more, it seems like an industry which has lost what made it special; what I found entrancing about it.

I don’t care what one the Made in Chelsea “stars” thinks I should be wearing.

I man with tattoos up to his neck and piercings covering his face (gross) is never going to be someone I look up to as a style icon. However many times GQ recommends him as “the new thing”.

It all just seems to be about the bullshit and indulgence than about breaking artistic boundaries and embracing creative freedom. The front rows of catwalk and industry shows are not filled with editors and writers, they’re filled with pop stars. Pop stars who don’t have enough style savvy to actually dress themselves (they have an army of stylists to do it for them, sort of the way toddlers have their Mum and Dad).

GQ? Yeah, more like low IQ.


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