A housemate in my previous house was an avid believer in the Law of Attraction.

I think, I suspect, she may have been reading The Secret.

Now I’m skeptical when it comes to a lot of this new age philosophy. I went along with a friend to a Kabbalah introductory class, and came away in the firm knowledge that it was a system of bullshit designed to fleece idiots of their money. Someone I know on Facebook recently put a post about “using crystals to lose weight”.

That’s not spirituality to me, just laziness coupled with idiocy.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not a deeply spiritual person. I openly and freely admit that since starting to medtate on a regular basis I’ve felt calmer and more in control.

I love the idea and fundamentals of the Law of Attraction, and think the “think therefore you are” philosophy must have some grains of truth.

Perhaps this is something I will try and instigate this week. I have a clearer idea, now more than ever, of where I want to go in terms of life and career.

Or, at least, I think I do.

Is it normal to feel yourself being pulled in several different directions?

Is your twenties about finding yourself, or is that just new-age bullshit and it’s about manning up and getting on with life?

Do we really hold the keys to changing our own life, or is it really all just luck?

It’s incredibly comforting to think there might be universal laws, that there might be celestial beings or departed spirits of loved ones who are guiding and protecting us through life. But sometimes, surely, we all look around at the hardness of life and think no divine force would let all of this hurt and pain happen.

But one of my biggest goals since leaving school has been about approaching life with a more open mind. So if I was to focus my spiritual side on a law of attraction, here is what I would focus on:

1. Doing the very best in my current role. It may not be in an area which ignites a passion in me, but it is teaching me great lessons, and I want this to be a big success story in my life before I try moving onto something new.

2. A brilliantly creative job for the future, based around ideas, creating and a strong sense of job satisfaction.

3. Finishing a fictional literary project I have started.

Perhaps this means something. Perhaps it is just speaking to the empty air.

I guess only time will tell.


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