The offer of another job has recently come up.

It’s in an area I’m much more interested in (poker) than my current job (which is a web company). My current job title is ‘Social Media Editor’ and the proposed new job is ‘Copywriter’.

Therein lies my concern – it looks to be just writing copy.

Variety is what I enjoy about my current job – there’s lots of duties to do. Yes, it’s not the end goal, but it’s giving me experience in lots of areas and is, I think, setting me up with lots of skills with which I can apply in a number of areas.

Being solely a Copywriter, and I don’t want to put it down, but it sounds like it could be a bit dull.

Like many people who are creative minded, my threshold for boredom is low. I like to have lots of projects on the go, and lots of challenges to face. Just writing marketing and PR copy is never going to be a challenge, really, and my principle enjoyment comes from brainstorming and ideas. Finding new and interesting methods.

But it’s for an online poker room, and poker is a big interest of mine. Much more so than web hosting and web design. The hardest part of my job is making those things actually sound halfway interesting. Naturally this can get tedious at times. But I have some great work colleagues and I enjoy the location and atmosphere.

I’m not sure what to do.

Part of me wants to cancel the interview and just stick it out where I am for a year or more (providing I pass my 6 month probation, which I think I can). Part of me wants to go along and do the interview as it could be a more exciting subject matter and, potentially, better paid.

Not to mention online gaming interests me more. And it’s a company where I could see myself possibly advancing, depending on what the atmosphere and colleagues are like.

But one of the biggest points is learning. I’m on such a huge learning curve in my current role, learning so much about social media and how to apply it as a creative marketing tool. I couldn’t bear to give that up to just sit in a corner and write copy.

I knew how lucky I was to land the job I have now. Throwing it in after less than 6 months seems like a betrayal, and too much like tempting fate.

What is it they say? Pride before a fall?

But I’m not proud, I’m scared. I’m scared of taking an opportunity in case it’s not as good as what I currently have, I’m scared of throwing away the opportunities I currently have and I’m scared to just let this new job just drift by, because I know jobs like this don’t come up often.

Do I stay in my current role, knowing that the subject matter isn’t as interesting, but I learn a lot and enjoy who I work with?

Or do I go for the new one, in an area I find interesting but where the work may not be as varied and educational?

Kif, we have a conundrum.


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