For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing a lawyer named Dom.

Normally when I meet someone I like, I fall hard. I fall hard and fast, until the passion burns out on one side or the other.

This time was different.

When we met there was undoubtably chemistry, but the more we have got to know one another, the stronger it has grown.

He giggles at inappropriate times. He shamelessly dissed my apparently luck-bringing Buddha.

But he’s clever and sweet. Uncomplicated without being simple.

My work colleague said after date 5 we needed to have “the talk”, but no time has felt right to bring it up yet. Not even when we woke up together this morning.

Do all relationships need to have “the talk”, or are some things better left unspoken?

Who ever said happiness only comes with a label?

I suppose at some point soon we will need to. But although others have branded it so, it’s never felt like the elephant in the room.

Because when I’m with Dom, everything just seems much simpler than that.



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