Sometimes, we see a film which truly affects us. It changes and moves us. Often, too, these are the films which make us supremely uncomfortable.

The film ‘Authors Anonymous’ focuses on a writing group. What at first begins with camaraderie and support begins to sour after the ‘ditzy blonde’ of the group lands an agent, advance publishing deal and movie contract.

Comically exploring characters of writing cliches, the others react with a mixture of jealousy, competitiveness and envy.

I guess the film touched on personal territory. As someone who would love to be published one day, the thing which always turns me away from writing is the cliches. The pretension and faux-creativity. Ironic, considering my lecturer at uni told me my writing was full of them.

The blonde of the group incites anger and jealousy from others, because she simply scribbles ‘from the heart’. She hasn’t been university educated, can’t name a favourite author and lives with her mum.

It got me thinking about the arts and jealousy. It’s the elephant in the room so often, isn’t it?

“Talent will win out” my dad likes to say, but unfortunately luck and circumstance seem to play pretty big roles too.

I know I’ve not always been as supportive as I should be when people I know have succeeded. It wasn’t until tonight that I truly appreciated just what a terrible person that makes me. I think if I’m honest it’s because I didn’t get a lot of attention as a child. My family and I have never much understood one another.

Does that mean I have to horde praise and attention like a spoilt kid?

Does that give me any right to want to triumph over my friends rather than wish them well?

Of course not.

If that was the way i treated my friends all the time I wouldn’t deserve them.

In meditation, you explore being satisfied for what you do have, and being thankful for the blessings currently in your life. It’s lessons which I know I should need. I mean, if you can’t be happy when other people do well in their lives and share in their happiness, what does that make you?

Do people really rejoice when they see their friends fail?

Or can we rise above the selfish desires?

Because, when it comes down to it, what gives more happiness  – hoarding the material, or bringing just a little more light into the world?


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