I read a news piece today about a boy who became so obsessed with sefies that it almost dove him to suicide.

It reminded me a lot of the film Surrogates. In the movie people don’t experience the world as humans anymore, only as physically perfect robots.

Our culture really is so obsessed with beauty that it’s ridiculous. So many of us now look at these photshopped, cropped, impossibly sculpted beauties and wish with all our hearts that we could look like they do. I know I’ve done it. I know my friends have done it. I suspect you’ve done it t some point.

But the truth is, whenever I’ve met someone I’ve really liked. And I mean that beyond the physical, to someone you’ve really felt connected with. I’ve always enjoyed the physical imperfections. Does that sound crazy?

He might have a bit of a belly.

He might have a few spots or freckles.

He might be a little too hairy.

Those are the things in the past that, more than a perfectly sculpted body, have stuck in my mind,

Why? Because they’re what make the person individual, I think. More than perfect abs or flawless skin. They’re the character traits that elevate the person from being just another person you see no the tube or at a party to the warm, special someone who has a place in your heart.

It’s our imperfections, not our assets, that make us loveable.

Because when I find that special man, and people ask what it is I love about him, I don’t want to say that it’s the way his cheekbones are perfect or how he has perfectly sculpted pecs. I want to say that I love the way his accent reverts t thoroughbred Yorkshire when he’s having an opinionated moment. I want to say that it’s the way he pulls me onto his warm tummy on a Sunday morning.

Because although we’re told that loving ourselves is the greatest love of all, I’m not so sure that’s true.

I think the greatest love of all is when we love another person for wholly and simply who they are. Not who we want them to be. Not if they lost a few pounds. Not for the person they aspire to be.

Just for the person they are.

I think that’s a beauty which will last far longer.


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