What does it mean when you have a better time with someone who isn’t your almost-boyfriend?

I’ve been seeing Mr. Dom for a few weeks now, and I’m honestly not sure where it’s going. I’m not entirely sure what I feel, if I feel anything stronger, or if the chemistry is even right.

My friend Mr. Tom took me out today to Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Avenue. We had coffee and then took the tube to Finchley Central to another one of the uber-geeky stores they have up there.

Naturally I loved every minute of it.

We have such easy conversation. When I’m with him I feel right. It feels natural and I feel so thankful for him. We’ve helped each other through tough times and somehow being around him everything just feels…right.

They say the person you’re supposed to be with is the one who feels like your best friend.

But what do you do when that person actually is your best friend?

Sometimes I wonder what we would be like together. Would it stay the same? I can’t imagine anything more blissful than a relationship where you’re both best friends. Not to mention there is a sexual chemistry between us. Even friends have commented on us. Sometimes I can;t help but look at him and see the broad shoulders and strong arms.

The sensible part of my brain says not to even consider it. Tom already has a partner. For fairly obvious reasons, his partner isn’t charmed with me. Not that I think he’s exactly a saint either.

But the simple truth is Tom makes me happy.

Could we ever move to becoming lovers?

Or is it a case of wanting too much?

Should you aspire for the next level, or just be happy with what you have?

It’s been a long time since I’ve has anything resembling a best friend. I guess I should just be thankful for that for now. I couldn’t forgive myself f we made a decision to push things further and then ended up not speaking. I like our friendship would be strong enough to survive anything, but that’s something you never can tell.

It just seems ironic that standing in a store called Forbidden Planet, the only thing which was truly forbidden was the one thing not for sale.

But after feeling unsure and confused this morning, Tm showed me the best Sunday I’ve had in ages,

And that is also something to be truly thankful for.


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