This morning I received a message.

Normally, for the past few weeks, I’ve ignored these messages. On a quest to find a loving and long-term relationship, I had somewhat given up on random encounters.

Today, however, it somehow seemed like the best idea. Yesterday, despite a great date, I received another “not interested” message. For all of yesterday I felt numb and alone. I didn’t want to talk to or see anyone.

So often random sexual encounters are debased as something shameful or low, but today, for the first time, I realised how cathartic and helpful they can be.

As this man picked me up in his fantastically strong arms and hurled me onto his bed, I revelled in the physical touch. Simply enjoying this encounter for what it was.

Afterward, I felt contented, happy and beautiful. Were told that using these encounters is some sort of ‘throwback’ to emotional disappointment and should be avoided – but what if they’re just what we need?

As long as both parties are happy and aware that it’s no more than fun, where is the harm?

Instead of feeling down, unattractive and rejected, I felt contented and satisfied. Who cares if those two bozos felt I wasn’t good enough for them? I was in the arms of a man strong enough to pound them both into the ground, probably at the same time.

And he made me feel damn good.

So next time you feel down and dumped, give random sex with attractive strangers a go.

Sometimes that oft-maligned message is the one you need to hear.


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