When all your friends seemed to be coupled off, you can start to feel like the odd one out in the room. Perhaps because rather than chatting online and going out with you, they’re spending time with their significant others (or mooning over them – god save me from the mooning).

But as a social study, I wondered last night about about my perfect man. There will always be compromises in any relationship, but what if we could imagine one with no restrictions?

We all dream about the perfect partner, and sometimes it does no harm to dream. What if we could will that one idea person into being?


So we can have long talks about art, theatre, politics and life.


So we can watch sci-fi, play card games and indulge in those alternate worlds together.

Geeky guys also tend to be eternal students, and there is nothing like having a study partner to go through life with.


So we can each be one half of a power couple. Instead of children we can enjoy travel, a lovely London apartment and nice things.


Not ripped as a razorblade, but a good set of shoulders and a pair of strong arms goes a long way. Nice set of legs help too.

Open minded

Because however wonderful that sugar-high first few weeks feels, eventually it crashes. The difference is whether you crash together or apart.

I need someone open minded so when they discover the things about me they don’t like, they can accept the faults with the favours.


As someone who rides the high juices of creativity for a living, and lives to do so, I don’t think I can be with another artistic soul.

I need someone earth-bound and solid who is there to catch me when the wave breaks. Someone who has more sense than I have, and can be the voice of reason in my life. Who makes me laugh when life gets to much, and wants me to be there for him as much as he is for me.


Do I really need to explain that one? 😉



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