They say the secret to happiness is to devote your life to a cause bigger then you are.

What are causes that are bigger than I am that I feel something for?

* Art

* Theatre

* Fashion

* Poker

* Fantasy/Gaming

* Social Media

* Equality/Human Rights

* Successful Business

* Writing/Publishing

Which I guess can be broken down to:

* Creation

* Imagination

* Beauty

* Communication

I can’t help but feel that the secret to the dream job lies within those words. “A cause that is bigger than you are”.

I think when you find that, that thing which you want to devote your professional life to, everything must surely become easier. I think that is what causes people to work until 11pm at the office and feel good doing it.

Might sound crazy to some, but I want to be that person. I want to love my work, what I do and to be obsessed by it. Yet how can we devote ourselves to that cause if we don’t have one – but have many?

What is that one thing – that industry which ignites a fire in me that I want to devote a lifetime of working to?

For me, it needs to be something you can become wholly and totally lost in. I need something that is varied, and uses several of the different skills I possess.

The main point, is that it must be creative.

Drawing, painting, acting, music, design, writing…all of these things have come easily and naturally to be from a young age. Mathematics, physics, science and analytics? Forget it. I do it insofar as I have to, and no more.

It must be challenging, and involve learning.

I loved being a student at uni, and being in a place where you weren’t just parroting facts back, like at school. I love it even more when you are in a workplace which actively encourages personal development. I love that feeling of learning and expanding my skillset, especially in something which opens up another world to explore, like the Adobe software I’m currently trying to master.

When discussing this topic with a friend today the subject of money naturally reared its head. It’s all very well finding what you love and a cause you want to to devote yourself to, but if you want a comfortable life, that has its own costs.

Is there anything wrong with having several possible roads to tap into?

Working in social media, it really needs to be something I have interest and want to discuss with followers.

I found today i was discussing a post on Star Wars with one of the company’s followers. It was then that it hit me. At the company I’m in now, I don’t get to do that very often. But when it happens, I love it. There’s nothing like connecting with strangers over something you love.

Perhaps that’s what it all comes down to.

Connection over a mutual interest. Isn’t that the route over all human relationships?

That’s what I love.

So the real question after that is – does the subject matter come first – or is people that make a dream job?


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