Today while watching a lecture by the brilliant Simon Sinek, he spoke about something very insightful.Passion

As humans, we are are biologically programmed to seek out social groups – not just of other humans, but those who are devoted to the same things we are. We seek the protection and satisfaction from the shared dynamic it brings.

As someone who has been trying to work out what constitutes the next career step to take in the following few years, this was mana from heaven.

Because, of course, it’s not just the work which makes up a dream job, is it? It’s the people in the team, and the ones who are customers and consumers of the company.

It’s the mixed sensibility of those behind and in front of the metaphorical counter who help to make up what a job is. The work that goes on around you, and the enjoyment of what you’re collectively doing are, it seems to me, a big part of what makes or break any job.

So rather than choosing a job which focuses on theatre, fashion, food…whatever out passion is. Perhaps we need to think further, to what group or groups in those areas are truly as devoted and driven by the subject as we are.

Just a thought.


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