At the company I’ve been working for we’ve been running a twitter competition about love.

Maybe that put me in the mood.

Maybe it’s been all the things that happened recently with Tom.

But as I looked out the window today, I suddenly felt very emotional. I realised that love has long been absent from my life. Romantic love, anyway.

But as I stared, I realised how much I wanted it again.

Not being a rich man’s plaything, not being just an object of sexual lust, although I accept that both can be fun. But just that simple, wholesome, uncluttered feeling of being special to someone, and having them feel the same for you.

I somehow realised, in that moment, just how central love is to our lives.

Money is vital, but love is essential.

Can we really be happy without it?

We can throw ourselves into career and friendships and whatever else, but nothing quite completes us like having that special person to help, support and turn to. Perhaps these are just sentimental ramblings due to one 20-somethings mixed-up feelings, but going through life alone seems like a sure way to make the journey twice as hard.



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