Whether we like it or not, our lives can fall into routines.

Get up.

Get dressed.

Go to work.

Go home.



Rinse and repeat.

In a place like London, as soon as you see that cycle start to happen, break it. Why? Because when you’re enjoying the city life in your 20’s, that routine is like a poisonous toxin. It seeps into every part of your life, and breed dissatisfaction and, sometimes, even resentment.

Your creativity shuts down.

Your friendships become stagnant.

Your ideas become recycled.

Theatre trips, MeetUp groups, dates; they may not all work out, but they’ll give you hilarious stories to tell and experiences to sew into the tapestry of life.

I mean when you look back, do you really want to think about how you lived between office and home?

Break that routine, or the routine will break you.


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