When I was little I read Charlie ad the Chocolate Factory, and it entranced me.

Not because of the chocolate, although I’m no stranger to enjoying some Galaxy cookie crumble, but because of the creative genius. I loved the magic of the factory, with all the rooms bubbling with creativity and invention. I loved that it was a place of mystery and darkness, but genius.

Today that got me thinking about the next step I’d like to take in my career.

I know I’d like to stay working in social media, but the question has been where? I know now that I want somewhere that has that touch of magic, for want of a better word. Somewhere that creates and invents things for the world. Somewhere where you never know quite what is around the corner, and what the next project and assignment will be.

Lots of businesses churn out products year after year, but there is something magical about a company which manages to wow the world year on year with what they produce. That is the sort of company, and the kind of environment, I know I thrive best in.

Social media is by its nature expressive and forward-facing. I mean, the life span of a tweet is said to be two hours. For a company which shares those values and creates new, exciting things  – wouldn’t telling people about those things, and having conversations with a public who are as excited about them as you are, be an amazing job?

Like planning how to Instagram everlasting gobstoppers or creating a Pinterest campaign around a 3-course piece of chewing gum.

Perhaps in social media the literary mantra should be less “what would Jane do?” and more “what would Willy Wonka do?”

Now all I have to do is find my modern day Wonka company. Any suggestions?


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