‘Work flow’ is used to describe that moment, when working, when time elusively slips away. That moment when we do not clock check, when our world narrows to whatever we are doing and only that.

In my ongoing quest to find the ideal career path, this is something my mind tends to think about. It’s something I strive to identify.

I know social media is the area of my future career, and I have begun to identify companies I think I would like to work for. But does it go further than that?

Thinking back, I can remember only a handful of subjects where ‘flow’ has set in, and I’ve been fascinated to study them on end for hours.

1. Ancient Egypt.

2. Fantasy/Sci-Fi

3. Gaming

4. Art

5. Theatre

6. Spirituality

7. History

These all represent topics where I can clearly remember experiencing ‘work flow’ while studying.

The exciting thing, I think, is that in identifying these  can begin to more seriously identify companies which, in whole or in part, capture some of these subjects. I can’t exactly explain why these subjects fascinate me, or have fascinated me in the past. All I know is that they have captured my heart and imagination.

Perhaps in finding those subjects, those topics which provide some sort of unexplainable x-factor, we can at last begin to identify where we are meant to go and what will provide us with the best personal satisfaction.

I mean this, of course, beyond the obvious. Beyond the “well, you should have become an Egyptologist then!” style of arguments. My skill is in creation, communication and innovation. So how could I use that?

Keeping with the first example, I believe I can use my skills in something like the British Museum, Ancient Egypt Magazine or Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. All of them will need content created and social media utilised in order to increase outreach and business.

This is something which fascinates me all the more when you look at a figure like Diana Vreeland, who turned her creative genius to revitalising the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Could I do something similar?

Is the secret to identifying a great career simply pinpointing those areas which we cannot identify why we love?



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