So  far with Mr. Steven, everything has been very casual. 

Yet after the first few dates – is that such a good thing? 

What started as just casual romance now feels like it’s sliding into indifference. Is he an old fashioned romantic, or does he just not really care? 

It can be so hard to call, but what does it mean when a man who you feel like you could really fall for hasn’t even kissed you properly by date 4? 

He is a very odd one to call. The oddest thing is part of me thinks this is ‘it’. There is such an ease of conversation and contact between us, such a feeling of mutual partnership and respect that I could see us being together for the long term. 

But at the same time, is it wrong to still want some of the fire to be there too? 

on the one hand I like that we aren’t in constant contact. In my experience too much texting is a sure-fire way to shortcut a relationship. Keep it face to face and you’ll be far happier. 

On the other, I get the feeling we might not have any contact for weeks and he’d barely notice. i could be wrong, but that’s how it sometimes feels. Is it wrong to long for that hero who falls head over heels for you and sweeps you into his arms, or are those sort of romantic relationships always doomed to failure?

Are fantasies that for a reason?

There is a calmness with Mr. Steven I haven’t felt before. I feel attracted to him, he’s deliciously handsome, and I like a man who takes his work seriously. In fact, I’m drawn to a man who would sometimes put career before relationship. Ultimately, I want my husband and I to birth great careers rather than children. I don’t want something that is so all-consuming that we can’t think about anything else. 

But when days go by without a response, is he respecting your space or starting to drift away? 

I look forward to being part of a happily married relationship – but isn’t there supposed to be fire first? 




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