Mr. Chris, The Rugby Stallion, is to be away all this week visiting his family in Derbyshire. 

But, he says, he would love to meet up when he returns next week. I decided to be honest and say I wanted to get to know each other properly face to face, not just endless messaging.

I’m thrilled that he wants to move to the next level and meet in person, but so frustrated that it must mean another week of waiting, with only WhatsApp messages to build on.

Nothing kills potential romance faster than delays.

I try to let it all go. I meditate to keep my emotions and fears in check, and sometimes i succeed. But there is something with this man. Everything he has said, everything he has done, seems to be like another layer of a person I want to get to know. Somehow the way he writes, the way he expresses himself and the way we communicate just feels…right.

Even at this most simple and fundamental stage of communication we seem somehow to make each other laugh.

I don’t profess to be an expert in love and relationships. In fact of all my circle of friends I probably know the least. But I know when I look at the pictures someone sends, at the words they write, and I know when I feel the warm glow of attraction inside.

I know enough to know that I find his 6 ft 5 muscular body attractive. I know that I look at his face and find him beautiful.

I know enough to know good potential when I see it. And I know enough to know not to blow it when it comes along.

The only problem is, I’ve never been very good at patience. I know they say that the jug is supposed to fill drop by drop, but is it possible to just turn the tap up for this one?

Probably not.


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