When I landed my current job, as a Social Media Specialist, I was beyond thankful. It was such an exciting and new opportunity.

But the time comes to move on. Although I’m staying in social media, I’m moving to a very exciting adventure travel company. Hopefully a little easier on the social media strategy. Trying to develop a content and creative direction around web hosting is a little like trying to make people care about their dish detergent  – they don’t, really, they just want it to work.

So a look back at what I’ll miss…and what I won’t.

Things I’ll miss about current job

The People

The learning

Working in Shoreditch

Things I won’t miss about my current job

My manager

Web Hosting

Having to give a shit about what a “VPS SSD” is

Dictatorial environment

Trying to make Pinterest boards for impossible brands

People who seem genuinely aroused by servers

“Idiot Tony”

Assorted technophiles


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