When I was first in London, I wanted to be in fashion. I loved the art, the clothes, the creativity. I learned that the industry I’d fallen in love with didn’t exist anymore, and than it was a shallow and vapid pool of celebrity and cheapness.

That was a lesson.

I wanted to be with Will. I wanted to be his boyfriend and fall in love with him. To have him share my London adventure. I had no idea how cruel and manipulative men could be.

That was a lesson.

Working through a 5 month London job hunt and battling depression and despair. Learning how to find the courage and strength to keep going when everything seems to bleak and the end of the road so near. To feel so lonely and wishing you could make it all end.

That was a lesson.

The lessons learned all leave their scars, for better or worse. Sometimes all we can do is move on.

Starting a new job, especially when this time next week I’ll be across the Atlantic in Canada for 2 weeks, makes me look back on the lessons I’ve learned in London so far. I probably don’t need to tell you there’ve been plenty.

But in some ways it makes me look at the first. I tried very hard to make my way into he worlds of theatre and fashion. They were where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I wanted the life, the glamour and the art. Both industries, of course, have baggage, and I was just one of a sea of people who wanted to work in them.

But without a huge amount of effort (7-tier interview process aside) I’ve anded a new job in the travel sector. Again, an area which people struggle for years to properly penetrate. It really made me think how so often, and more often than we would probably like to think possible, we are carried by the current of life to a place we never expected.

Diana Vreeland fell into the fashion world and made one hell of a splash. Is there a chance I could do the same in travel?

It’s just as exciting and romantic. It’s a new start and a new area to immerse myself in and explore. Probably one which is a lot friendlier then either theatre or fashion. I’m excited by it. I mean, who wouldn’t leap at the chance to work in adventure travel? Especially when my last job was in web hosting and one of this new companies mantras is “embrace the bizarre”.

If there’s a company which I should probably be working for, it’s one which wants to “embrace the bizarre”.

For all my work in trying to get into fashion editorial it never worked out, and perhaps it’s best it never did. I don’t think the industry as it stands now and I were ever going to be sympathetic with one another. But nothing excites me like a new project, and this is one I want to grab with both hands.

They’ll be so many lessons to learn. And despite some of them being painful, I like learning lessons. I mean, really, it’s the only way we truly grow. Sometimes they stay with us, and sometimes they leave us. Rather like the people who enter and leave our lives. But it’s what we take from all those lessons, and all those people, which is the treasure which enriches us.

But in the words of Vreeland.

“You get out where the sun shines and the rain rains and then it all comes together”

And what could be getting out there more than working for an adventure travel company?


3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Hello,

    We share the same thoughts, “I like learning lessons.” ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you’ll land into the work that will unleash your full potentials and will fuel you to work with passion more than ever.

    More power to your blog.


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