Yesterday, I spoke to one of my best friends and we talked through an issue he was having with his landlord.

When it came to a problem i was having with a mutual friend of ours and something he had done, my friends’  response was “Ask him, I’m not psychic”. He really acted as though he couldn’t care less.

I understand that people have bad days, people have problems. People don’t always handle it well.

But what about when that person is supposed to be your best friend? What then?

I left him a message telling him what he did was hurtful, and as yet received no apology. Nothing

I love him dearly, he means the world to me. But how can someone be so…mean? We built up an immunity to those in the world around us. We guard ourselves from the emotional hurts which humans seem to love inflicting upon one another. But our friends, particularly close friends, have access and depth to those inner feelings.

That access gives them power. Greater power to hurt us. They are guardians to our feelings, and it seems at times they are simply not aware of how much power they hold.

Or at least mine don’t currently seem to be.

Perhaps I’m just a little too sensitive.

Perhaps I prize friendship a little too highly.

But to me friendship, true friendship, is sacred. It’s a sharing of trust. A source of ongoing love, support and consolation. I’ve experienced a lot of false friendships and ‘phones’ in my life, so I treasure the friends I have now.

But when one, and most particularly my best friend, starts acting selfishly and abusing what I have to give, my trust and my affection, I can’t stay silent.

I hope this doesn’t mean the end of our friendship, as I truly think we have something very special. But I won’t stand to be picked up and put down when it’s convenient. I love him, but I think a big part of friendship is self-love, and having enough respect for yourself to be the stronger person.

Perhaps we are the greatest friend we have in this life.

And a good friend should give you the advice you don’t want to hear.


2 thoughts on “Everybody Hurts

  1. I think that is what friends are for. But it is ‘dangerous’ to give the advice a friend does not want to hear. Because it might hurt. But as a true friend you owe it. So do you take the risk and tell or not and keep watching?

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