And then it had been several days, and Rugby Stallion (or “Chris”) had never taken the intuitive and arranged to meet. As I’m leaving for Canada tomorrow and will be there for almost two weeks, that’s too long to continue an online relationship with no real substance.

The most frustrating part is how many of the boxes he ticked.

He lived practically next door.

He was tall.

He was handsome.

He loved theatre.

The list goes on .

The problem? He, for whatever reason, wouldn’t take the next step and actually initiate the face to face meeting. Despite all the textual chemistry, promise and potential of doing the online thing, he didn’t take the next step.

There’s a wierd sort of vacuum in situations like this. On the one hand, if it’s not going to work out, better that it doesn’t at the start than 3 months in. And yet, and yet, there’s something about all that potential and all those flirty messages that builds something in the brain. That hope that this person who seems to have something to give, an then the knowledge that he isn’t going to give whatever that is to you.

They say you can’t miss what you’ve never had, and yet, with this, is seems that somehow you can. It may only be a few exchanged messages and some pictures

But for anyone out there who finds themselves in a similar situation, just remember this:

If he wasn’t man enough to meet you, then he wasn’t enough of a man to deserve you.


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