As I type this, I’m on a free iPad sitting in the lounge at Toronto international airport, on my way back to London, UK.

As I said goodbye to all the new friends and colleagues I have made in the Toronto office of my new job today, I had an intense moment of regret that I had to leave. Speeding along in the taxi to the airport I held back tears, thinking about how special the last few days have been.

There can be no doubt that, somewhere, in the recesses of my mind, there is an ever-persistent voice telling me I don’t have the talent for the amazing opportunity that this is. That they should have hired someone with more talent, more ideas, more pizazz.

But sitting in the training room, bonding with the other newbies, and then working we the current Toronto marketing team, gave the most overwhelming sense of home. I felt this was a place with a unique atmosphere, where people weren’t fighting for attention, where you wouldn’t turn around during the day to a series of pit downs and petty office politics. This was a place where people took pride in the product, the place, but most especially the people.

posing for a selfie at a free Raptors basketball game, working with the current social media editor and forming a friendship, brain storming wonderful new ideas with the fabulous PR guy.

These are the things that elevate a company from a cubicled ‘workplace’ into a hub of creativity, colour and companionship. In other words, a home. I can only hope the London office holds the same feelings. I can only hope I’m up to the challenges ahead.

I feel like this job is a blank slate. A chance to start over in a company which celebrates diversity over discipline. If there’s one thing those wonderful people were not, it’s corporate clones. Do I deserve my place among them? I certainly want to work to earn it.

And now they are announcing my flight.

I suppose that, that, like the travel industry I now work in, there’s no sense in looking to the next journey. You need to focus on the one you’re already on.


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