Well The Rugby Stallion (or “Chris”) seems fast on his way to becoming my boyfriend. It’s such a wonderful word, isn’t it? Boyfriend. Boy-friend. Boy friend.

I invited him to a friend’s Christmas party on Saturday, and he happily accepted.

There was just one problem. My friend didn’t want him there.

Now this friend, he is a hostess through and through. I have never known him to turn away a guest. So why was he turning away a guy I was obviously crazy about, that I wanted to introduce to my closest friends?

Ostensibly, it was because his housemate had over-invited on her friends, but I couldn’t help but feel it was something more. I shouldn’t have let it bother me, but it did. It really dampened what I’d always pictured as a magical moment; introducing the boy you like to the friends you love at the chic apartment Christmas party.

Does having a boyfriend mean you compromise your current friends?

Perhaps it was partially deserved. If I’m honest with myself it was partially a vanity thing. Chris is 6 ft 5, strapping and handsome. The thought of getting to walk into a room full of friends and acquaintances and get to be the one on the arm of this manly giant fills me with pride. The fact he would want me as his lover fills me with glee; to be his potential partner makes me more proud, and at the same time humbled, than I could possibly say.

Everything he says, everything he does, makes me unbelievably proud of him. The fact that he takes time to go back to visit his grandparents. The fact that he jokes about which Christmas present he wants to buy me. The fact he’s proud of his rough engineer’s hands. The fact he likes to run them over my body.

My best friend said to count my blessings. Our mutual hostess friend loves to invite a lot of characters and queens. I think Chris could take it all in good humour, but the last thing I want is to frighten him off with an overpowering of social scaring. I’ve seen it happen before. Ironically to the hostess friend.

Perhaps that could go some way to explaining why he doesn’t want me flaunting my new guy all over his party.

Am I a bad person for wanting my friends to meet him? Is it wrong that for once we want to turn up to a party and feel like the belle of the ball, rather than the sarcastic skeptical spinster in the corner?

I guess I wanted that. The fact that my friend denied me of it makes me feel hurt.

But the fact that when I told Chris I wan’t allowed a +1 to the evening ball, he wanted to spend the day together instead? That felt pretty magical.


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