Ever since I came to London, I’ve dreamed of walking through the Covent Garden Piazza with a special someone at Christmas.

It was just one of those things.

Today that dream came true. As Chris and I held hands and walked through the beautiful streets and boulevards, I’d never felt so lucky. As he held me in his arms while we watched the light-sprinkled Christmas tree, he leaned over and gently planted a kiss on my forehead. I’d never had someone do something so romantic.

We then went to The Ship Tavern for a beautifully intimate seafood dinner, when he couldn’t let my hand go. stroking my palm and softly tickling my wrist.

We talked. We laughed. I think I’m falling for him. Truly, madly, deeply falling.

The thought that he could be my boyfriend makes me so happy that I feel like I don’t deserve him. That I couldn’t possibly deserve to be that happy.

As I took the tube to my friend’s Christmas party after we said goodbye at Charing Cross, I cold feel my lips still tingling from his kisses. I could still feel his strong arms holding me close. I could still feel the warmth of his chest as I rested my head there. I’d finally had my magical Christmas Covent Garden date. And I’d had it with someone much more worthwhile than the man who, three years ago, I’d originally envisioned having it with.

I want him so much. It’s not just because I find him so unbelievably sexy. It’s the things he says, the way he moves, the way he holds himself. When we were looking at vintage shoes in Rokit he picked up a pair he liked the look of. “Size 8?”, he laughed. “Baby size.”

Suddenly I felt unbelievably turned on.

But at the same time, my 6 ft 5 rugby-built potential boyfriend is perfectly comfortable revealing his inner geek. We talk about geeky movies and board games. I can get lost in my favourite fantasies with him.

As we strolled and admired the beautiful architecture of central London, it struck me how similar people are to buildings. They come in all forms. Some we find beautiful, some not so much so. Some have deep, hidden depths and secret chambers that we love to uncover. Some are private and some public, some fantastical and some plain. Some we want to visit again and again, and some we only want to see once.

And some you just want to keep exploring, because you can’t help but feel there’s always going to be new magic to uncover.


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