Tonight I went over to Chris’s apartment for the first time to perform another act I’d never done before – exchanging Christmas gifts with the guy I’m seeing.

Both being somewhat Christmas traditionalists, we opted to save them and open them on Christmas Day.

Having been ill over the past week, we simply sat on his sofa, drank beer, then had a cuddle. As we talked about The Hobbit, Warhammer and other thoroughly geeky topics (ones which make me thoroughly like him more), I snuggled close to him and rested my head on his warm chest, feeling him run his fingers through my hair, which turned into a head massage, causing me to purr like a contented cat.

As we held each other, fully clothed, I couldn’t help but feel so lucky. It was a fresh wave of wanting which came over me. Wanting him, and wanting all of him. Not just the tall, sexy guy but the funny geeky guy who I can talk about Lord of the Rings with. The guy who laughs at the same inappropriate things as I do.

We kissed goodbye and wished each other a happy Christmas, as he had a work do to get to at 8.

But as I carried his present back home all I could think was, whatever the gift was, all I really wanted going into the new year was him.


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