When a man says that he is a CEO, you have a certain stereotype in mind. Or I do, anyway.

What I wasn’t expecting was a delightfully camp florist.

As we enjoyed easy conversation in a delightful bistro in Marble Arch, I noticed men passing our table. Men I was somehow far more attracted to than the one I was sitting with. Tall, broad shouldered, rugged, stately. I looked back at my date. He was charming, funny, handsome, sure. He had that easy Irish way about him I liked. But as he bitched about his staff, his plans for the florist wedding business, I could only think how much this wasn’t what I wanted.

Friendship, for sure. A business relationship, absolutely.

But although I like to think of myself a metropolitan, open-minded and in every way a modern creature of the city, I still need a man. Well, not need, precisely. I like my life as it is without a full-on relationship. But I realised that I need a man with that certain something. That strong, masculine aura. Nathan has it. Chris had it. It’s difficult to even put into words. I don’t mean some neanderthal, flexing his muscles and belching at the rugby, but that sophistication and supreme confidence which only comes from a man who is truly comfortable within himself.

The type of man who will be there when you need him. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s that being there isn’t in grand romantic gestures, as wonderful as thy can be. It’s in him wrapping his arms around you and spooning first thing in the morning. It’s knowing he will be there for you. It’s never wondering why you haven’t heard back. It’s in the moments of quiet and un-judgemental geekery you share.

The funny thing was, mr. CEO and I had chatted online on and off for months without ever meeting. He was one of those men who I assumed I would be rather into. The fact that I wasn’t surprised and shocked me a little. I suppose another testament to the fact that you can never really know someone until you know them. I saw him online as this big, imposing figure. Although he had his own brand of charm, he was quite the opposite, and I knew within minutes this wasn’t someone I could fall in love with. Even though I respected him as an entrepreneur and CEO of his own company.

I suppose when it comes down to it I’m not actually looking for a CEO. I’m looking for a partner.


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