Why should you wait until New Year’s Day to create something more positive in your life? If you want to make the change, if you want to refresh and rejuvenate yourself, I think you can do so at any time.

That said, it seems a good time to set some new achievements, throw some things out and make some positive intentions for the future. I hate the term ‘Resolutions’ personally, I think it seems so hollow and vapid. Frivolities to be broken. But as I return to work tomorrow after a pleasant break of almost 2 weeks, my mind turns to what I want to do differently in 2016.

2015 was undoubtedly a year of education. Education in my job. In myself. In how I am and what I want. I can’t think of a single year of my life, even the one I came to London on nothing more than a wish and a prayer, that I’ve learned more about how I am and how I should be. I put a lot of time and effort last year into attempting a kind of self-improvement. I realised there were gaps in my career and life that needed filling, skills and failings in me which had to be changed and improved.

As I write this it’s early in the morning, the sky outside is turning from black to a milky blue. It seems an appropriate time to think about new beginnings and how I can improve myself.

Professional goals: 

Photoshop: I need to master this. I love working with images and it’s an area which can boost me professionally, not to mention great fun.

Google Analytics: Maybe not quite as fun, but equally as essential for a social media manager.

Video/Sound editing: These, coupled with the above, would create a self-sufficient skill set and allow me to start thinking about doing my own social media projects.

Investments: I began making my first stock market investments while at home over Christmas. The odd thing is, I loved it! I found the whole thing so fascinating, like a giant game. It’s an area I want to become fluent in as it seems like a great opportunity to boost income.

Professional journalist: This will be my side career, but I need to take it to the next level. I need to have my writings published in bigger newspapers and magazines, I need to get my name out there in order to boost my personal profile. Unlike social media, there is something so beautifully pure about just the act of writing. It’s just you and the words. I may have avoided it for years, but I want to be a professional journalist.

Networking: Building on one of the lessons from The Luck Factor, I realised that my network is not big enough and I make no real effort to grow it. Or not enough. I need to attend seminars and other places where I can grow my contacts and career.

Public speaking: I love educating and public speaking. If I can become a speaker on my industry, it will compliment many of the other things on this list.

Personal goals: 

Exercise/yoga: I’m so glad I joined GymBox. I think it’s one of the best investments I could ever have made. I want to take more classes and keep my mind and body in good shape. This is especially true of yoga, which is quite simply just balm for life. 

Writing /blogging: Writing is my big skill, whatever the overly-critical managers of my life have told me. For every person that has ever said I have no talent, three have told me that I do. I want to finish the novel that I’ve been working on. I want to have an active professional blog and enjoy creating my own content–essential for where I want to go professionally. 

Positivity/spiritual development: When I step out, meditate and develop spiritually it makes all the other pillars of my life stronger. This is an area I need to cultivate more.

More open: I think for many years I’ve been rather closed and shut off, at least in the sense of other people. I suffered as a child and young adult from crippling rejection and betrayal, and somewhere along the line I realised I became distrustful and perhaps overly cynical. I assume people are going to be bad, so often they are. It also means I make few friends, as very few people get through the barriers I’ve placed around myself. But I think if you expect people to be good and positive, they probably will be. It’s easy to be upbeat and positive when everything is going well, but I need to keep my mind that way even in the face of adversity. 

Find someone: Although I loved being home over Christmas, I awoke a yearning in me to find my own family. I want to find that person I’m supposed to go through life with.


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