Isn’t it amazing when you ride a positive wave, everything just goes along with it?

I’m making a conscious (yes, it is conscious, or so I believe) to be more positive this year. I can still turn a sharp comment faster than I can flip a coin; I’m still a realist who believes a healthy dose of cynicism is a good thing when navigating the sea of life.

But I have noticed, when I wish to place my brain in a more upbeat mindset, and when I really work at doing so, things are just…better. I’m being given the projects I want at work. The bad bits don’t seem as bad. I have more courage and confidence to deal with people who are being difficult. I have fresh job offers coming through (don’t plan to take them, but feels nice to be wanted on LinkedIn!). I’m forging new friendships and living a more active lifestyle. I don’t feel the need to justify myself through who I know or what I own. I’m able to work on me being happy just as me, and it’s a great feeling.

I think being more positive is, in many ways, like the idea of work – it has become misconstrued and fetishised in our minds by the media. You’re not meant to love your work all day every day. In the same vein, you’re not meant to go through life armed with rose-tinted glasses, loving everyone and everything unconditionally.

To me, being more positive means simply choosing to expect the world to serve you well. To keep your chin up when it doesn’t. To stay grounded and not be afraid to get your hands dirty when things don’t go your way. To let the little things just fall away.

No hokum. No auras. No magic rituals.

If you choose to believe in those things that’s fine. But I think believing in your own potential is likely to have a far more positive effect.


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