Wow. So much has happened.

Well, Zone 1 living is everything I thought it would be. I just love it. I can walk to Kings Cross or Euston or Soho or Theatreland. It’s amazing. I’m determined to embrace it all. I want to join new clubs and societies. See more theatre. Explore more museums and galleries. I want to explore everything that London has to offer and more.

It’s a chance to really embrace the hobbies and interests I love.

* Gaming/RPGs
* Art
* Writing
* Theatre

And the best part? I will actually have the time to do it properly for the next couple of weeks. I resigned from the agency which was slowly mentally killing me, and took the gaming job. Which I start on January 3rd. Originally intending to serve out my month’s notice, I had a call on Friday to say that they were happy to take my final day as Friday and would pay me off for the next two weeks.

I was on the point of objecting, when I suddenly realised that it was what I prayed for. I had the time off I had been craving, I was free from the nutter boss and the killing job. I had a whole new opportunity to look forward to in the new year.

And now I’ve got the time to do the following:

* Get my new Zone 1 room in order.
* Play Witcher III, which I am going to finally have time to get into!\
* Finish my novel.
* Enjoy art and writing.
* Explore theatres and parts of London I want to see.
* Cook and bake.
* Meet up with friends and socialise.
* Relax!

Maybe it’s too soon to say, with a mandatory security check currently going on before I start the next job, but life seems pretty damn good right now.


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