New gaming groups, gym classes, walks into the city, theatre trips and drinks with friends. These few days off before I head home to Scotland for Christmas have been blissful, utterly utterly blissful. I know Londoners are supposed to be obsessed with work, and hopefully when I come back and start my new job in January I will be, but for now I just adore having some time to myself. Space to breath and just be.

I’ve got my new room organised and made a time table for the new year, charting out what I want to do in the mornings before work, and listing the activities I want to do and try in the evenings.

Isn’t there just something about being organised that just lifts the heart and mind?

I want to get my life in order. I want to make my work a success and grow into something at this new place. But I also want to sort out my life outside of work. I’ve fallen out of the habit of dating, I’ve fallen out of the habit of socialising with people beyond my small circle of friends. My best friends are settling down and, more and more, are settling down into the “we” phase of the relationships. The “‘we’ are busy tonight”, “I need to check ‘our’ schedule” type of thing. It’s cute and I’m happy for them, but I can’t go through my life in London hanging on the coat tails of my friend’s successful relationships. I need to find my own.

New friends. New men. New job. More gym so I can tone up into a new body too.

I feel like life in London is finally reaching a place where I wanted it to be. In a way, I have to stop and remind myself that I’m lucky to even be just here. I was miserable at home in Scotland and I changed it. I was miserable in my last job and I changed it. To just to have the strength and courage to make the changes, really make them, is something to be proud of.

Anyone can make a plan, but it takes another person entirely to follow it through and make the changes they desire.


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