It’s New Year’s Eve and, by choice, I’m alone. I was invited to a fabulous dinner party, but decided to decline. Somehow when it came down to it I just didn’t feel like it; making small talk with a bunch of people I don’t know, many of them far older than me. To be frank, ringing in the new year with Rise of the Tomb Raider and a bag of Celebrations just seemed preferable. That may sound sad, but it’s true — and I wouldn’t write it here if it wasn’t.

And I’m actually having a lovely evening. I went food shopping, made some vegetable soup, took time to chill out and relax with some mindfulness colouring, watched the Ab Fab movie with delicious pizza and ice cream and now writing.

So with no big party and nothing else to keep me awake, I suppose there’s nothing else but to set my intentions for the following year.

2017 Intentions

Spiritual: Take time for me. Take time to be grateful, to colour, to be mindful, to pray and to attend to my mental wellbeing.

Health: I know, a cliche one. But I’m determined that this is the year I really tone up my body. It’s not about weight loss, I like my body, it’s about looking and feeling great by upping my gym class routine and keeping my food intake super healthy, with more green smoothies from my blender and less sugar.

Digital: Continue improving my knowledge of digital, with the aim to shift my focus from social media and content into search marketing, digital management and business development.

Social: Join more offline groups and activities to increase my circle of friends. Life class and gaming groups are my start. Embrace my hobbies further: art, gaming and writing.

Writing: Finish the first draft of my novel. Keep loving and practising my writing every day. Not just improving the creative side, but the form, the grammar, all of it. I need to me a master storyteller. Writing novels is the dream. I need to at least try to make it happen. After all, the imagination is where I’m most happy. I can’t leave it behind.

And I guess that’s it! I’m not one for resolutions or any of that basic “it’s broken by the next day” impossible achievement shit. I want something that I can make myself proud with.

Perhaps that’s my biggest goal for this year. To embrace myself more. To make myself proud. To not do things now just for a boss or a parent or anybody. To do it because it will form a part and a value to my life. We spend so much of out lives working ourselves to the bone for other people; we put off the things for other people. They go lower and lower onto our lists until they fall off. I see it all the time.

2016 seems to have been a crazy year, for me and for the world. But no matter what 2017 bring for the political stages of the world, no matter if it brings good or ill fortune, I want to make it a year for me.

And that’s a resolution I’d encourage everyone to make.


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