New job today. So nervous.

I mean, I’m excited to start and hope it will all go well. But I’m nervous.

I’m nervous because I’m scared of falling into a well. Of another role which just disintegrates into monotony; checking emails and lists and replies. I don’t want that to happen. I know that part of the responsibility lies with me not to let that happen; that I must be the one to innovate and excel in the role.

But I’ve seen some worst case scenarios first hand and they do not look good. I prayed last night; I said that whatever the job situation is, whatever this Social Media Manager role turns out to be, I will embrace it with my full strength and give to it the best I can. I will innovate on the role and make positive changes. I will be thankful and humble and a joy to work with. No more confrontation with bosses, I will be the team member they most want to work with.

On the flip side I worry that it will be too much. What if I’ve sold myself too high and suddenly I’m landed with more responsibility than I know what to do with? I guess the only solution there is to embrace it wholeheartedly again. If it is suddenly much bigger and scarier than I anticipated and I need to confidently present on tool, strategies and solutions I’ve not encountered before, then I guess the only thing to do is rise to the challenge. And to be honest, I’d rather feel challenged and pressured (in a good way) to deliver great results than sitting trying to make digital data admin interesting.

I suppose there is no point in canvassing it, as I sit here in my dressing gown in freezing London with my nerves wandering. I just need to get up, get showered and head off.

Wish me luck!


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